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Sam Pepper’s sexual assault ‘prank’ video has been removed from YouTube

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http://twitter.com/#!/EvanEdinger/status/514074221270405120 So it would seem: As Twitchy reported earlier this morning, the video showed Pepper pinching women’s butts (apparently) without their permission. Many people, including a number of YouTube stars, criticized the video. Initial reaction to YouTube’s removal of the video has been uniformly positive: Sam Pepper's disgusting video has been removed from YouTube. #TeamInternet http://t.co/ORmHAUbwee — Kara […]


When He Bit Down Into A Chocolate Egg, He Tasted This Nastiness

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Growing up with two brothers, I’ve been pranked countless times for their amusement. After having bugs thrown on me and finding gross things in my food on a regular basis, I’ve become very wary of anything my siblings do around me. If only this man was as cautious about his friends… These guys thought it […]


New UN video shows us that domestic violence is as bad as nose picking [video]

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http://twitter.com/#!/UN/status/480802706706407424 The United Nations is an organization that sees no irony in allowing  countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to sit on its Human Rights Council. Now we are to believe that the U.N. is concerned about violence against women. They may be unaware of that whole “honor killing” thing, but it’s ok, they’ve got a really hip hashtag: #BroThatsNotOK. […]


Owner’s Heartfelt Lullaby Sends Her Dog Off To Dreamland Instantly

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When this woman’s dog Tia was a puppy, she used to sing lullabies until the pooch fell asleep in her bed. Tia’s owner was actually afraid of dogs for a long time, but when she and her roommate adopted a dog together, she came to love her Staffordshire bull terrier like a child. Now that […]


When This Girl Gets In Front Of The Mirror, She Puts On A Passionate Performance

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Some dance moves can be learned with just a bit of practice. Then there are the types of dance that require passion more than practice. Flamenco is one of them. Some might even argue that you don’t learn flamenco, you feel it… These two women are proof just how much passion goes into the art. […]


This Deep-Sea Fish Is Equal Parts Freaky And Awesome

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The oceans of planet Earth contain a diversity of life that’s hard to fathom. But one thing is for certain: just when you thought that life in the ocean couldn’t get any weirder, it gets a whole lot more ridiculous. A perfect example of this is the barreleye fish. Feast your eyes on this wondrous […]


Chris Daughtry in video apologizes for ‘off the clock’ comment

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http://twitter.com/#!/TXCraig88/status/475401358208950272 Rocker Chris Daughtry has filmed a heartfelt apology for walking off stage Friday from “FOX & Friends,” saying he was “off the clock” and apparently refusing to play a patriotic sing-along for the crowd in honor of D-Day. In the video, Daughtry says he was unprepared and caught by surprise by the request and panicked. “It […]


Megyn Kelly grills Marie Harf on Obama’s controversial UN remarks [video]

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http://twitter.com/#!/megynkelly/status/515315996203433984 When President Obama gave his big speech at the U.N. on terrorism, he mentioned by name the prominent Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah and praised his work helping to bring peace to the region (emphasis ours): The ideology of ISIL or al Qaeda or Boko Haram will wilt and die if it is consistently […]