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One Of The Biggest Impacts On An Adult's Life Is How They Spend 10 Minutes A Day As A Child

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Think when adults aren’t successful it’s due to the choices they’ve made in their lives? Not always. It often has to do with how they started out. Doing one thing for 10 minutes every day could change someone’s whole future. Read more: http://upworthy.com/one-of-the-biggest-impacts-on-an-adults-life-is-how-they-spend-10-minutes-a-day-as-a-child


One Veteran Spoke The Truth And Totally Stunned The Crowd, Then He Brought Them To Their Feet

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This clip starting making the rounds while the Iraq War was still going on, and it was so interesting to me because I’d never seen a veteran address these things in such a brutally honest fashion. And I found myself nodding in agreement, even clapping along with the crowd. See if you do, too. Read […]