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Headscarf Case Cements The Abercrombie “Look” In Legal History

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Under former CEO Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie & Fitch developed a hyper-specific look for its customers and its employees. That look has now stumbled its way into the Supreme Court. View this image › Samantha Elauf (center) her mother Majda Elauf (left), and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission General Counsel David Lopes leave Supreme Court Wednesday. Chip […]


American Apparel CEO Fights Back A Pro-Dov Charney Email Insurgency

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The company’s new CEO, Paula Schneider, recently responded to a series of mass emails sent to employees by an anonymous insider. The emails were critical of American Apparel’s new management and the hedge fund backing the company. View this image › American Apparel American Apparel may have fired its founder Dov Charney last year, but […]