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‘Outstanding!’ Veteran Joni Ernst’s response to protesters is a winner

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http://twitter.com/#!/bennyjohnson/status/529460756648312834 The protester chant against Ernst goes on for 3+ minutes before frat bros got together and started chanting "Joni!Joni!" — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 4, 2014 Frat bros kicking out the Ernst protesters. Still chanting loudly. Video coming soon…. — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 4, 2014 At a rally at an Iowa State fraternity Monday night, […]


These flag-burning Vines from St. Louis will make you sick

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http://twitter.com/#!/Yamiche/status/520384150290059265 Horrific. So so so intense… so much energy… #shawshooting #ferguson pic.twitter.com/94K86hJBVi — Charles Wade (@akacharleswade) October 10, 2014 Energy? Residents along Shaw Blvd are coming out of their homes and watching as dozens of young protesters march asking for justice from police. — Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) October 10, 2014 Justice? Take a look at […]


Police abandon posts around Kiev; Protesters now in full control? [photos]

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http://twitter.com/#!/RichardEngel/status/437173537229774848 In the wake of a deal to end violence in Ukraine, demonstrators have taken control in much of Kiev, according to numerous eyewitness reports. Via AP: http://twitter.com/#!/RichardEngel/status/437179312631218176 http://twitter.com/#!/jamesmatesitv/status/437153611509153792 http://twitter.com/#!/jamesmatesitv/status/437168777911107584 http://twitter.com/#!/jamesmatesitv/status/437176923748585472 http://twitter.com/#!/bishopk/status/437165674486833153 http://twitter.com/#!/JamieNBCNews/status/437180947604054017 http://twitter.com/#!/MillerMENA/status/437177141122191360 Related: ‘They are fallin’: Monuments to Vladimir Lenin do forced faceplants in Ukraine  ‘Little too late, guys’: WH finally ‘outraged’ over […]


Protesters block buses carrying illegal immigrants to Murrieta

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Round one apparently went to protesters in Murrieta- buses carrying undocumented immigrants now back on 15 FWY headed toward San Diego. — Tara Wallis (@tarawallis) July 1, 2014 Protesters today blocked buses carrying around 300 illegal immigrants from entering the Murrieta Border Patrol station in California. The Desert Sun reports that “additional flights will arrive every […]