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This Picture Perfect Wedding Day Was Almost Ruined By An Uninvited Guest.

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Weddings are a beautiful way to celebrate love between two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. But before the bliss could really begin for this couple, they were forced to deal with one of those pesky uninvited guests who always seem to sneak their way in. The newlyweds, Rebecca […]


This Is The Wedding Photobomb Everyone Is Talking About. OMG, Amazing.

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No, these aren’t set pics from some new Michael Bay-helmed reboot featuring Dorothy and her ruby red slippers. Sorry to anyone hoping for The Wedding Of Oz. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if the flashy filmmaker got some ideas after checking out this real life Canadian couple who stumbled upon the most insane photobomber at their wedding: a tornado. The wedding took place in […]