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MSNBC head apologizes for bigoted tweet, but will anything change? [video]


http://twitter.com/#!/MarlboroStan/status/428997874697773056 As Twitchy reported, Reince Priebus banned RNC staffers from appearing on MSNBC until network president Phil Griffin publicly apologized for MSNBC’s race-baiting tweet. This afternoon, Griffin issued a statement. But is it really an apology? http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/428994699261927425 Here’s the text of the apology, via Politico: The tweet last night was outrageous and unacceptable. We immediately […]


MSNBC viewers angry that network president apologized for bigoted tweet

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http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/429027063819808768 Well, there’s certainly a Twitchy post in it. As Twitchy reported, MSNBC president Phil Griffin apologized for the network’s race-baiting tweet, and the staffer responsible was dismissed. The RNC’s Reince Priebus accepted the apology, but there are quite a few MSNBC viewers who haven’t accepted Griffin’s decision to apologize. http://twitter.com/#!/T_dot_Lee/status/428741882399576067 http://twitter.com/#!/GammaRae206/status/429004517170876416 http://twitter.com/#!/ritaag/status/429028279668850688 http://twitter.com/#!/ecranos/status/429007761825726466 http://twitter.com/#!/Plumcreek2/status/429026765827100672 http://twitter.com/#!/cfreelakers24/status/429004550997938176 […]