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Neighbors Were Shocked When They Found An Actual Dungeon Beneath Their Building

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Police in Philadelphia thought they had seen it all…until they came across a case so messed up that they could only describe it as “pure evil.” Back in 2015, Linda Weston was named as the ringleader of a horrific crime conspiracy in which four mentally disabled people were found locked in a basement dungeon, one […]


Baltimore’s 2015 murder rate highest per capita

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Former Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley’s attempt to capitalize on his gun control record during November’s Democratic debate came with particularly bad timing, as the city had just that day recorded its 300th homicide of the year.“With all due respect, it’s fair to say Baltimore is not one of the safest cities in America,” Bernie Sanders […]


He Misbehaved Like Any Kid, But His Parents’ Punishment Cost Him His Life

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When kids misbehave, parents sometimes temporarily take away something they enjoy but don’t necessarily need. Video games, ice cream, their cellphones…but when 10-year-old Johnathan James did something his parents disapproved of, they took this idea to a horrific level, depriving the boy of water for five days. While that might seem ridiculous already, when you […]