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‘Pompous fool’: Guess what John Kerry says has ‘shocked’ world leaders (hint: not terrorist attacks)

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After hundreds of innocent people are murdered by Islamists, .@JohnKerry says "world leaders" embarrassed by GOP candidates reactions. — The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) March 28, 2016 We can always count on John Kerry to stay focused on the real problems in the world, as he demonstrated yesterday: Kerry: World leaders "shocked" by rhetoric of GOP […]


Obama’s 2016 plan to ‘seal his foreign policy legacy’ is as mock-worthy as it gets

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According to Politico, President Obama plans to spend his final year in office telling as many people as possible how great of a job he did: Among the “legacies” Obama will be traveling on Air Force One to every corner of the globe to promote will be “progress against the Islamic State and significant global […]


Chadwick Moore nukes Gay Times’ criticism of his Tucker Carlson appearance from orbit just to be sure

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This week marked the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. Media coverage was plentiful, although many think pieces went long on gun violence but struggled with the discomfort of never truly knowing what motivated shooter Omar Mateen who called 911 during the attack to swear allegiance to ISIS. […]


What Obama didn’t do today taken as a sign ‘things MUST be serious’

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Today President Obama met with his national security team about the San Bernardino attack, and tweeters took notice of the lack of one of Obama’s favorite weekend activities: No golf? Fighting back against ISIS by pursuing a domestic gun control agenda and global climate change pact is taking up too much time! Or maybe… You […]


Obama to address nation Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on ISIS


http://twitter.com/#!/WPLGLocal10/status/509365438619213824 But will he say anything new? http://twitter.com/#!/AP_Politics/status/509366219657732096 Related: Wil Wheaton: Republicans trying to scare Americans about ISIS to sway election Geraldo: CNN host a ‘dope’ for believing he wants ISIS literally beheaded PolitiFact rates as false Obama’s claim that ‘JV team’ comment wasn’t specific to ISIS   Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/09/strategy-decided-obama-to-address-the-nation-wednesday-at-9-p-m-edt-regarding-isis/