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What China Is Punishing People For Is Unfathomable. You Would Likely Be One Of Them.

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Being online for most of your free time probably doesn’t seem like a problem… but is it? The Chinese government has officially labeled “Internet addiction” as a clincal disorder and feels that it poses a major threat to its teenagers. Checking Instagram or Facebook as you stand in line might be more serious than you […]


13 Of The Most Unsettling Gifs Ever, Courtesy Of The Internet

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20 Simple Ways To Make Tons Of Cash While Sitting On Your Couch

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“Money doesn’t grow on trees,” as people always say. It’s really difficult for a lot of people to justify buying that coffee on the way to work, or even living in a good neighborhood. Money is really hard to come by, and for people who are trying to raise a family or pay off mountains […]


Have A Webcam? Better Put A Password On It, Because Someone Could Be Watching You

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Through the magic of the Internet, we can speak to friends and family across the globe by flipping on our webcams, but it seems that this power comes with a price. A website called Shodan purports itself to be a search engine for “internet-connected devices,” which basically means that all anyone has to do is […]