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Watch for moving goalpost: Old Oliver Willis tweet dragged out, beaten

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http://twitter.com/#!/kirbs71/status/522230051035955200 Twitchy reported on some of the fallout from the New York Times article about all the chemical weapons found in Iraq during the war. ‘Some people are meatheads’: New York Times report on Iraq’s chemical weapons rekindles debate over WMDs Speaking of meatheads, some old tweets from taxpayer-subsidized left-wing propagandist Oliver Willis have been dragged out and […]


Instapundit schools Jesse Jackson on ‘immorality’ of Hiroshima bombing

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http://twitter.com/#!/LilMissRightie/status/452465089304465408 Who’s ready for a lesson on morality from Jesse Jackson? No one? Unfortunately, Jackson is here to teach us the “immorality” of the 1945 Hiroshima bombing. http://twitter.com/#!/RevJJackson/status/452402777835048960 http://twitter.com/#!/instapundit/status/452462183704977408 Boom. http://twitter.com/#!/AnthonyCumia/status/452463209304555520 Jackson’s right about one thing. Without the atomic bomb, America might literally have been fighting forever. http://twitter.com/#!/rickswift/status/452500028524093440 http://twitter.com/#!/MangyLover/status/452407108257214464 http://twitter.com/#!/dmaabbey/status/452492486221778944 http://twitter.com/#!/sarahrstevenson/status/452464203002286082 http://twitter.com/#!/InfamousBigC/status/452515920284745730 http://twitter.com/#!/Nothing2doradio/status/452498320615673856 http://twitter.com/#!/iJoshHammond/status/452478688710254593   […]


‘Tears in my eyes from laughing so hard’! Instapundit guesses what Shaun King did with all that #BLM money

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By now, you’ve probably heard that #BlackLivesMatter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King is in trouble. Big trouble. You see, Shaun excelsat fundraising,but when it comes to being honest about what happens to those funds… well, he’s not so great at that: More from The Daily Beast: King collected millions of dollars […]


Instapundit’s suggestion for new Redskins name and logo is ‘brilliant’

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@instapundit @USNewsOpinion Brilliant. Gets my vote. — Bruce (@mcewenwarrior79) June 23, 2014 The debate about possibly changing the name of the Washington Redskins is ongoing, and some are even suggesting what the name should be changed to: Why the Washington Redskins should be renamed the Federalists http://t.co/aWNEMf4oZB Via @LaraMBrownPhd — U.S. News Opinion (@USNewsOpinion) June […]