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Illegal alien reporter Jose Vargas calls out celebs on border crisis

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http://twitter.com/#!/CactusHowl/status/489589339962089472 Jose Vargas  blatantly flouts our laws and the government who is supposed to enforce them sees it and does nothing. He is our entire immigration problem personified with a big dash of narcissism thrown in for flavor. http://twitter.com/#!/ReallyLaLa1/status/489588721558114304 http://twitter.com/#!/ana_belen22/status/489589822516756481 They’re under no obligation. http://twitter.com/#!/mom2jazz/status/489591862424920064 Do they oppose immigration reform or illegal immigration? http://twitter.com/#!/nativeappsvc/status/489593329554690048 http://twitter.com/#!/aam429/status/489595399338881024 http://twitter.com/#!/aam429/status/489596419800440832 Hard to tell […]


Sharyl Attkisson looks at billions allocated to ‘illegal immigration surge’

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http://twitter.com/#!/SharylAttkisson/status/494280433514065920 Sharyl Attkisson has taken a look at the numbers associated with the proposed “illegal immigration surge” — and being an expert investigative reporter, she’s even looked at unlikely theoretical scenarios, like the crisis being handled in the near future and the problem being resolved in fiscal year 2015. http://twitter.com/#!/SharylAttkisson/status/494282535963480064 http://twitter.com/#!/SharylAttkisson/status/494283486057213952 http://twitter.com/#!/SharylAttkisson/status/494284666640551936 What’s the chance […]


Protesters block buses carrying illegal immigrants to Murrieta

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Round one apparently went to protesters in Murrieta- buses carrying undocumented immigrants now back on 15 FWY headed toward San Diego. — Tara Wallis (@tarawallis) July 1, 2014 Protesters today blocked buses carrying around 300 illegal immigrants from entering the Murrieta Border Patrol station in California. The Desert Sun reports that “additional flights will arrive every […]