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High minimum wage forces San Francisco SPCA to replace humans with robots to rid building of homeless people

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The SPCA, which fights animal abuse and helps abandoned pets find a home, is using a robot to abuse homeless people in San Francisco. We mean this literally: San Francisco 2017: the SPCA sends out a security robot to deter homeless people from camping near its building. https://t.co/ZFziOb2REV — Melissa Hung (@fluffysharp) December 13, 2017 […]


You’ll Melt When You See Why These Kids Are Leaving Their Coats On The Street

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If you ask any little kid what their favorite day of the year is, they’ll probably tell you that it’s their birthday. I mean, what’s not to love? You get cake, presents, and plenty of time to hang out with all of your friends. And let’s be real — little ones love unwrapping mountains of […]


Street Musicians Invite A Man In Need To Play With Them, And Then? A Surprise!

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On Labor Day, YouTube magician and all-around nice guy, Stuart Edge, teamed up with a few friends to perform a street show in Salt Lake City. But their plan wasn’t to just sing and play music to put a few smiles on random passers-by faces. No, they had something much bigger in mind. After searching for a […]