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North Korean rocket launch looks like long-range missile test

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Just around a half-hour before Saturday night’s #GOPDebate, South Korean media reported that North Korea had just launched a rocket that seemed to be a long-range missile test. The United Nations Security Council is expected to meet Sunday morning to review the situation. Kerry released the following statement: This is the second time in just […]


Hillary tweets her ‘accomplishments’ to Jeb Bush during debate

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Not unsurprisingly, the Hillary Clinton campaign live-tweeted Thursday night’s GOP debate, complete with a creepy photo suggestingClinton was eavesdropping on the event through binoculars. (Maybe a cranked-up hearing aid allowed her to listen in onthe proceedings as well.) Clinton’s feedwas a long list of running complaints; for example, the fact that none of the Republican […]


Fox News moderators armed with slides, videos

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Fox News doesdo a good job hosting debates, but Bo Snerdley, Rush Limbaugh’s “official Obama criticizer,” asked if the Fox moderators perhaps came to the table a bit too prepared, hitting Donald Trump in particular with slides of statistics and even compilations of video clips to counter his claims. Of course not. The friction between […]