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going to be ignored [photos]

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http://twitter.com/#!/BeyondTheHedge/status/494936294431420417 The Dems have officially reached creepy-stalker status. Even Gawker can’t help but take notice: http://twitter.com/#!/Gawker/status/494934405149122561 This is serious. http://twitter.com/#!/mgcat/status/494936512023121920 We’re heading dangerously close to bunny boiling territory, here. http://twitter.com/#!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/494148284408410112 To be clear, that’s fake — but kinda accurate, no? Same goes for this one: http://twitter.com/#!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/494132621883219968 And these: http://twitter.com/#!/WesleyLowery/status/494942808281976832 The fact that it’s getting more difficult to […]


Whatever happened to ‘new tone’? DCCC touts game ‘targeting Republican candidates’

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http://twitter.com/#!/UriBlago/status/446343691255300096 Democrats? Hypocritical? Nevah! And yet, here we are: http://twitter.com/#!/dccc/status/446341726245257216 Whoa. What’s that, DCCC? http://twitter.com/#!/GaltsGirl/status/446342760337924096 As a matter of fact … http://twitter.com/#!/pnut/status/24219418271682561 http://twitter.com/#!/hyperlocavore/status/23945571723120640 http://twitter.com/#!/vectorresearch/status/24217406570233856 Guess that whole “new tone” thing only applied to Republicans. http://twitter.com/#!/conkc2/status/446343323511296002 Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/03/19/whatever-happened-to-new-tone-dccc-touts-game-targeting-republican-candidates/


Vox claims to identify ‘saddest political fundraising email ever’

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http://twitter.com/#!/samboykin/status/525848721699770369 Get with it, Vox. The saddest fundraising email ever is headed, “It’s over. It’s done.”? That’s nothing. What about the flat-out suicidal “It’s over. Zero chance. Goodbye.”? It's over. It's done. This is the saddest political fundraising email ever: http://t.co/CTS1HPNzIr pic.twitter.com/3ffOrvKSWg — Vox (@voxdotcom) October 25, 2014 Is this tactic really working? The DCCC […]