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There Is Nothing Unlucky About These 23 Adorable Black Cats

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You’ll Be In Stitches When You Hear Why This Little Guy Never Wants To Get Married

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Kids, those precious, lovable, sassy little humans, really do say the darnedest things. It’s just a fact. And this father knows it. During pizza night, Dad got a series of adorable responses from his four-year-old son after he asked the little guy a question about marriage. Even though the kiddo wants to have little ones […]


This Is What The Kids From “The Mickey Mouse Club” Look Like Now

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Spoiler: They all still look amazing. 1. Christina Aguilera Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy EveretT Getty Images / Kevin Winter   Was on The Mickey Mouse Club from: 1993–1995 What she did after being a Mouseketeer: Christina went on to become a pop diva who has sold millions of records. She currently is a judge on The […]


A State Fair Had The Best Kissing Booth Ever…Because It Was Operated By Dogs..

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A unique kissing booth at the Indiana State Fair served kisses a bit more slobbery than you’d expect. Instead of having your standard kissing booth operated by young, attractive people handing out smooches for charity, this canine kissing booth was completely staffed by dogs. Adorable dogs just wanting to share a bit of puppy love. […]


This Adorable Husky Puppy ‘Arguing’ With Dad Just Has To Have The Last Word

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Huskies are known for being very talkative, and Sky here is no different. The cute puppy always has to have the last word, as seen in this adorable video of her in an energetic “argument” with her owner. As the funny exchange goes on, it starts looking like Sky is about to win yet again. […]


23 Dogs With Better Blowouts Than You

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Step away from the blow dryer. 1. Woke up like this. instagram.com 2. Can’t live without Sunday brunch. instagram.com 3. Froze her credit cards in a block of ice. instagram.com 4. Obsessed with his iPhone. instagram.com 5. Needs a pedicure so bad. instagram.com 6. On an all-raw diet. instagram.com 7. Addicted to facials. instagram.com 8. […]