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This Looks Like A Normal Table…But When Some Music Starts Playing? Awesome!

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Considering that I have very few crafty bones in my body, I’m always super impressed with people like Instructables user bongodrummer. Up until today, I had no idea that: 1. Coffee tables could be this cool…OR 2. That I could be completely jealous of a table’s musical talent. If you’re confused, read on. You won’t […]


I Thought This Guy’s Idea Was Completely Ridiculous. Then I Saw The Result And… WOW.

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Using the Internet should teach you at least one thing: almost anything can be turned into a cool piece of furniture. For example, this talented craftsman recently began transforming old car engines into coffee tables. Having a hunk of engine in the middle of the living room floor may not sound like a good idea at first, […]