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Brit Hume’s instant classic Obamacare truth-bomb becomes a meme [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/brithume/status/395561880334643200 In October, Fox News’ Brit Hume nailed the devastating reality of Obamacare with that tweet. Months later, he appears tickled to discover that his words have received the meme treatment. http://twitter.com/#!/brithume/status/436697031986655232 Uh oh. Is Hume dipping his toes in the meme-sturbatory #Fugelsanging pool? http://twitter.com/#!/BigJebBos/status/436698192055640065 Nah. He gets a pass since he’s just noting that […]


‘This!’ Hume sums up what the disastrous O-care launch is with one retweet

http://twitter.com/#!/brithume/status/407179594299867136 O-Bam! Fox News’ Brit Hume has pulled no punches when reporting on the reality of the Obamacare debacle. His retweet on Sunday nutshelled it. http://twitter.com/#!/JimQuillen/status/407184094108192768 “This” pretty much sums it up. It’s the horrendous and devastating law itself. Period. Hume also made this insightful observation upon the news that a disabled woman was reportedly denied […]


David Limbaugh sets up Brit Hume for the spike against Trump

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Author and syndicated columnist David Limbaugh went back and forth with Donald Trump supporters on Twitter today, arguing that the idea that Ted Cruz was somehow trying to steal the election from Trump by attempting to win 1,237 delegates was “entitlement thinking.”Eventually he’d had enough of arguing. Seems Trump supporters are mad at the world […]


Brit Hume torches WH with key Obamacare question [Bonus Putin snark]

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@WhiteHouse how many have paid premiums? — Brad Todd (@BradOnMessage) March 17, 2014 Good question in response to this Obamacare-pimping tweet from the White House: Good news: More than 5 million Americans have signed up for private health plans through the #ACA → http://t.co/r4CFMdRDSA #GetCoveredNow — The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 17, 2014 Fox News’ […]