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Wild Ponies Turn Up At A Popular Beach And Ruin The Party — This Is Too Good

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Families at Assateague State Park were in for a surprise when a group of wild ponies decided to crash their beach party. Assateague Island is a remote barrier island that stretches into both Virginia and Maryland territories. The long, narrow strip is home to a wild horse population of over 300. These Chincoteague ponies have […]


Sure, This View Is Breathtaking. But It’s What’s On The Beach That’ll Leave You Speechless.

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There is no one way to define “art.” It can come in many shapes and sizes. Take Andrew van der Merwe’s art for example: he specializes in using nature and his own talents to create something truly wonderful. Andrew makes sand calligraphy using special tools. He draws delicate lines in the sand, using a technique […]


24 Reasons You Should Never Visit Mexico


Just don’t. 1. Some people seem to think Mexico is the perfect vacation getaway. View this image › Lyza / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lyza Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico 2. Those people are obviously SO wrong. View this image › Esparta Palma / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: esparta Pie de la Cuesta, Guerrero, Mexico […]