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Baltimore’s 2015 murder rate highest per capita

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Former Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley’s attempt to capitalize on his gun control record during November’s Democratic debate came with particularly bad timing, as the city had just that day recorded its 300th homicide of the year.“With all due respect, it’s fair to say Baltimore is not one of the safest cities in America,” Bernie Sanders […]


‘Kudos, Democrats’! Report: These 2 cities account for a ‘jaw-dropping’ murder statistic

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Liberal politicians led by President Obama have been telling voters they need to elect more Democrats to fix the problems the country faces. First let’s take a glance at what’s happening in cities Democrats have run for decades: Wow. Also, according to liberals, that shouldn’t be happening: Go figure! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/01/07/kudos-democrats-report-these-2-cities-account-for-a-jaw-dropping-murder-statistic/