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‘Who gives a *&^%?’: Wendy Davis scores the coveted Cosmo endorsement

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http://twitter.com/#!/politicobsessed/status/519561510268317698 Squee, you guys! SQUEEEEEE! Why Cosmopolitan endorses @WendyDavisTexas for governor of Texas: http://t.co/gg26svreDf #CosmoVotes #CosmoVotesTX pic.twitter.com/8WSyBCiu5Z — Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) October 7, 2014 They’ve put a lot of thought into this decision: Who gives a *&^%? RT @Cosmopolitan: Why Cosmopolitan endorses @WendyDavisTexas for governor of Texas: — Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) October 7, 2014 Hey, speak […]


‘Holy crap!’ Did Andrea Mitchell just out herself as a ‘wheelchair truther’?

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http://twitter.com/#!/AsheSchow/status/522064851774894080 Psssst! Did you know that Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott might just be faking that whole “disability” thing? Well, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell knows. Earlier today, she interviewed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis about that now-infamous attack ad against Greg Abbott. ( function() { var func = function() { var iframe_form = document.getElementById(‘wpcom-iframe-form-242a59f57974460c70794bc86a7de986-543d81279668e’); var iframe = […]


‘Are you proud of that tweet?’ Clown prince Ronan Farrow sparks mockery; Amended

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http://twitter.com/#!/King__Theory/status/525337304593084416 He should’ve done that a long time ago: Malala is a one girl bulwark against extremism–but how does she rate her skills on the dance floor? Find out ahead on @RonanDaily @msnbc. — Ronan Farrow (@RonanFarrow) October 23, 2014 Seriously? This is not real. Tell me this is not real. https://t.co/hGZVDk0uKm — Sarah Stevenson […]


‘Toilet Justice!’ Flush with errors, Vox squeezes out another correction [screenshot]

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Whole lotta residential bathrooms out there. Lotta toilets. — John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) October 22, 2014 The Voxbowl is swirling with talent, as evidenced by this: Homeowners in Boulder, CO are weirdly obsessed with toilets: http://t.co/nNsNJS61AF pic.twitter.com/eJiN12Y7CH — Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) October 22, 2014 Wow. That’s lotta toilets! A crapload, if you will. It wasn't an […]