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Nice going! Guess which network misspelled the name of its own host [pic]


http://twitter.com/#!/CalebHowe/status/421376748228325376 Uh, that’s “Kornacki,” guys. He hosts a weekend show — on your network. Lean ___! (fill in the blank) RT @CalebHowe: MSNBC has their own host's name spelled wrong right now. http://t.co/3KVfe53pUK— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) January 09, 2014 http://twitter.com/#!/JayCaruso/status/421381340215668736 Consummate professionals over there. And to think: With MSNBC’s ratings being what they are, if […]


‘I’ll try to keep looking up’: Zelda Williams tweets tribute to dad Robin Williams

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http://twitter.com/#!/zeldawilliams/status/499045688559165440 Actor and comedian Robin Williams left behind three children, including his beloved daughter and actress Zelda. His last Instagram and message, dated July 31, wished Zelda a happy 25th birthday. http://twitter.com/#!/robinwilliams/status/494989879340584960 An inconsolable Zelda tweeted a brief personal tribute and quote from Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Prince” late tonight. Her followers embraced the sentiment […]


Tammy Bruce sums up Obama’s leadership in one picture [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/debrajjenkins/status/506911117659361280 They say that unless you’re the lead dog, the view never changes. http://twitter.com/#!/jwehrle/status/506912743388364800 http://twitter.com/#!/MarcyJMiller/status/506914006364590081 Truth. Editor’s note: This post has been edited to correct a typo of the dreaded your/you’re variety. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/02/tammy-bruce-sums-up-obamas-leadership-in-one-picture-pic/


#DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT: DiGiorno ‘still not over’ #TheSoundOfMusicLive snub

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http://twitter.com/#!/DiGiornoPizza/status/408767675838390273 Poor DiGiorno. Always the bridesmaid. But that didn’t stop the pizza company from capitalizing on Thursday night’s performance of “The Sound of Music Live!” As related hashtags dominated Twitter, DiGiorno live-tweeted the show to mixed reviews. http://twitter.com/#!/amylutz4/status/408798441255366656 http://twitter.com/#!/Lisellle/status/408802735610658816 http://twitter.com/#!/rachelveronica/status/408787073110261762 http://twitter.com/#!/LilMissRightie/status/408798614543032320 Tasty? Half-baked? Whatever the verdict on the company’s social media strategy, DiGiorno definitely got people talking. […]


Liberalism becomes Superman’s kryptonite

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http://twitter.com/#!/SohrabAhmari/status/476046018174148610 Comic book artists and writers Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche examine how political correctness has infiltrated the comic book industry. We are comic-book artists and comics are our passion. But more important they’ve inspired and shaped many millions of young Americans. Our fear is that today’s young comic-book readers are being ill-served by a […]


Embarrassing White House ‘health care bracketology’ GIFs slam dunked

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http://twitter.com/#!/JeromeEHudson/status/445615545141166080 The White House, hoping that Obamacare can ride on the coattails of the NCAA basketball tournament, is featuring the GIF-heavy “16 sweetest reasons to #GetCoveredNow”: http://twitter.com/#!/WhiteHouse/status/445598183901503488 Among the 16 “competitors” in the Obamacare “tournament” is this: http://twitter.com/#!/charliespiering/status/445611169668009984 Yes, this is actually on the White House website as a reason to #GetCoveredNow: Who hasn’t that […]


John Fugelsang describes why Scott Walker is out of white sheets

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http://twitter.com/#!/baseballcrank/status/437710175764762624 Actor John Fugelsang took a page from Virginia super-lefty congressional candidate Mike Dickinson with this idiotic crack about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: http://twitter.com/#!/JohnFugelsang/status/437710037138427906 Hilarious! No, not really. http://twitter.com/#!/nycconservative/status/437710437581602817 Who said anything about trying to be “rooted in reality”? Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/02/23/sad-desperate-delusional-actor-john-fugelsang-describes-why-scott-walker-is-out-of-white-sheets/


Did Lizz Winstead write Rep. Donna Edward’s ‘painful’ comedy speech?

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http://twitter.com/#!/ShawnJRichards/status/431626941469192194 As Twitchy reported, Rep. Donna Edwards at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner Wednesday night gave what is being called by Politico “the most painful speech ever.” Politico says Edwards’ epic bomb of a speech was “reportedly written by co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead.” http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/431602384394289152 Politico’s Rachael Bade reached out to Winstead for […]


Sarah Palin says new TV show will highlight American exceptionalism

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http://twitter.com/#!/BillBriouxTV/status/421689126568468480 Sarah Palin made an appearance Friday morning at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote her upcoming Sportsman Channel series, “Amazing America.” She also promoted the Sportsman Channel itself and expressed her hope that women and girls would tune in. http://twitter.com/#!/jasonlynch/status/421679578424164352 http://twitter.com/#!/ReelVixen/status/421679552612401152 Although Palin insisted the show is not political, she did say […]