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You’ve Never Seen A Remote-Controlled Airplane Do Things Like This — Wow!

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This remote-controlled airplane is no child’s toy. What it can do completely defies explanation and gravity. One commenter even called it “witchcraft!” What you are about to see, however, isn’t a product of the dark arts. Indoor pattern, or “F3P,” is a little-known sport that combines remote-controlled airplanes with precision aerobatics. It takes place in […]


This Is What Happens Inside Every Plane Before Takeoff — Did You Have Any Idea?

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Waiting to board a flight usually means impatiently standing in front of the airline’s gate, tapping your foot, and incessantly checking your cell phone. What you most likely don’t think about, though, is what the flight crew needs to do in order to prepare the plane for your arrival. This is what the crew does […]


UFO Or Glitch In The System? Aircraft 120 Times Faster Than Plane Caught On Tracker

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); It’s kind of the eternal question: Are we alone? Because science has yet to prove the existence of alien life, UFO hunters everywhere hope to be the first to come forward with video that shows alien spacecraft. While many folks have captured odd floating orbs in the sky many times over, […]


What Happened To This Plane During Winter Storm Jonas Would Freak Anyone Out

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For those of us who are afraid of flying, takeoff and landing are the worst parts of the journey. That’s why people were freaking out when this plane flying into Dublin was forced to land…and then immediately take off again due to the howling winds of Winter Storm Jonas. If I were on this plane, […]