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With A Little Help From Gravity, This Guy Creates Hypnotic Music

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Watching people do what they do best is always a gratifying experience. Whether you’re in the presence of an expert orator who can bring an entire audience to its feet or you’re in the crowd cheering for a star athlete, it’s always cool to see someone in their element. And there’s something uniquely wonderful about […]


WH posts pic of Obama in Situation Room; Where was Benghazi Situation Room?

http://twitter.com/#!/CatsPolitics/status/263007804653191168 Last night, the White House sent out a photo of President Obama in the Situation Room for Hurricane Sandy. We know; it’s shocking that he found the Situation Room. So BHO found the situation room yesterday. I know because he sent out pictures. — Luis Soto (@jibaro61) October 30, 2012 Yes, see? They have […]


Sam Pepper’s sexual assault ‘prank’ video has been removed from YouTube

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http://twitter.com/#!/EvanEdinger/status/514074221270405120 So it would seem: As Twitchy reported earlier this morning, the video showed Pepper pinching women’s butts (apparently) without their permission. Many people, including a number of YouTube stars, criticized the video. Initial reaction to YouTube’s removal of the video has been uniformly positive: Sam Pepper's disgusting video has been removed from YouTube. #TeamInternet http://t.co/ORmHAUbwee — Kara […]