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Americans to sneering Matthew Modine: ‘I have used a gun in self-defense’


Yesterday, actor Adam Baldwin, Fox News contributor Steven Crowder and other happy warriors shredded the alleged arguments of the sanctimonious ass known as actor Matthew Modine. The Constitution is archaic and stuff and Modine is totally enlightened, unlike you bitterly clinging rubes. In between pitifully spamming actor Adam Baldwin, Modine offered this nonsense:


Asked, and answered, Mr. Modine. Try getting out of your Hollyweird bubble sometimes. Start with these Twitter users, who helpfully try to explain the real world.





This is part of the real war on women. Oh-so-enlightened men like Matthew Modine would rather a woman remain defenseless, unable to protect herself from attack. 


Others provide more examples, which Mr. Modine would know about were he to ever take his head out of the California sand.




And this Twitter user drives the point home in a heart-breaking way.


We are so sorry for your loss.

Aside from being a know-nothing, Mr. Modine is also showing typical liberal hypocritical colors.


You profit of that industry, don’t you, Mr. Modine? Do you use all that sweet, sweet cash to protect your family? Maybe a nice fortress built out of hundred-dollar bills? That would work, with some hugs and warm fuzzies.

Or do you, you know, have security?


Security for me, but not for thee, perhaps. He’s enlightened and all.


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