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I Thought This Guy’s Idea Was Completely Ridiculous. Then I Saw The Result And… WOW.

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Using the Internet should teach you at least one thing: almost anything can be turned into a cool piece of furniture. For example, this talented craftsman recently began transforming old car engines into coffee tables. Having a hunk of engine in the middle of the living room floor may not sound like a good idea at first, but when you see the clean finished product, you’ll understand why this guy does it.

The engine looks like this when he begins to work with it.

And this.

It’s dirty, oily and messy…

But he is able to transform it into an epic table.

This wine-coffee table was created from a EJ20 engine.

We hope whoever buys it doesn’t have children or pets.

Source: Reddit It would be tempting to buy an item like this if you ran across it in a store. It’s the kind of conversation piece that no one else you know will have… and no one will ever forget. The man behind the engine tables currently resides in Tasmania, but hopefully he will branch out and begin selling pieces online. They’re truly wonderful. Click on the button below to share them.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/engine-coffee-tables/

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