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Community Post: Why Fangirls Have The Most Productive Snow Days

1. They ALREADY understand the joys of staying in and now the world will appreciate its magical ways.

2. just wait for all of the AWESOME things they will create

3. maybe they will start the day making HP sweaters?!

4. or tackle this awesome Katniss scarf????!!!!!

5. RELIVING all their favorite episodes while simultaneously thanking the Netflix gods

6. or rereading their favorite moments…their memorization skills will skyrocket

7. Also they are olympic book snugglers

8. They will crack all the scientific wonders you only dream off!

9. COVERING ALL THEIR BASES with the interweb

10. being even more active with their feels

11. Digesting the latest updates…faster then all the newbies

12. and UNDOUBTEDLY get more followers and readers.

13. this isn’t their first rodeo they know how to kick it

14. and they WILL NEVER stop digging for the best fandom fanart

15. They will always prevail on whatever quest they are on. Determination is their motto.


BECAUSE they have been killin’ it since the beginning of time-and they still have 9 lives left to go!

17. and when the world finally understands this

such soft soft sobs

18. FANGIRLS own that shizzzz – now go learn how to ship

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/aharry/why-fangirls-have-the-most-productive-snow-days-hqxa

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