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Draugr Slip 'n Slide

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19 responses to “Draugr Slip 'n Slide”

  1. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:


  2. chickenontheroof says:

    its funner when your dead

  3. TheRicM says:

    They really should clear those pebbles and rocks before attempting that

  4. Dreamare says:

    No lollygaggin’.

  5. Daggaroth says:

    Man hes having a killer time!

  6. iamladymasterchief says:

    Idk what this is from but it’s funny.

  7. Paffett111 says:

    Fun for all the family!

  8. Dragonbrigade says:


  9. ifmycapslockkeyworkediwouldbeyelling says:

    how you feel when she don’t text back

  10. SerenityStarCraft says:

    There is a way you can turn off object friction with a console command on pc, can’t remember the actual cmd code right now though.

  11. BGrey says:

    Is having an arrow in their face a prerequisite?

  12. adamkisling says:

    That ride was a little rocky.

  13. Dreamare says:

    It’s from Skyrim. Play it, it’s amazing. Preferably, you should play it on PC.

  14. Dreamare says:

    Naw, it’s gotta be an arrow in the knee. I’m sorry.

  15. Dreamare says:

    Your dead, duh.

  16. TheNameIsJDDrJohnDorian says:

    Arrow to the head, he went sliding down the rock bed.

  17. koopaya says:

    And while eating a brownie I turn to see daring draugr skating down corpse cliff.

  18. LAfaceOAKLANDbooty says:

    Not sure why I watched this 20+ times

  19. lunaisbestprincess says:


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