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“Fraggle Rock” Doozers Get Their Own Spin-Off

Stuck in production limbo since at least 2009, Doozers takes the industrious side characters from The Fraggles and gives them a CGI makeover. If the premise from three years ago manages to hold true into 2014, the show will be aimed at 4-to-7 year olds and focus on ecology and recycling. No word on if they’ll dedicate and episode on how to protect your precious ketchup and mustard flavored buildings from wandering bands of Fraggles.

The above ad was sent to Bleeding Cool and is the first time this series has been spotted in the wild. Cartoonito is a European channel owned by Turner Broadcasting, so no word on if this show will jump the pond.

Would we even want it too?

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/donnad/fraggle-rock-doozers-get-their-own-spin-off

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