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Why….? WHY!?!? Why is this now a thing!?!?

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8 responses to “Why….? WHY!?!? Why is this now a thing!?!?”

  1. IMakeLotsOfReferencesAndRemakes says:

    Good pet rock.

  2. MrMullet says:

    PLOT TWIST; nothing… its a rock… it can do nothing

  3. SaintJiub says:

    The new Rock Simulator graphics look amazing!

  4. IMakeLotsOfReferencesAndRemakes says:

    We never thought Twitch would make it either. Give the little guy a chance.

  5. IAmTheLordOfChaos says:

    THE BOULDER should be here an minute…@THEBOULDER

  6. IMakeLotsOfReferencesAndRemakes says:

    It can fall, it can roll, it can sit for long periods of time. It’s the best.

  7. Russianhussyhunter says:

    Yeah, but the rock got farther.

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