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An elbow for an elbow: James Harden gets revenge on Metta World Peace

If Metta Work Peace (AKA Ron Artest) didn’t believe in Karma before, he certainly does now! Less than a month after he violently elbowed James Harden with one of the most brutal cheap-shots ever seen in sports, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard got his revenge.

Check out the video to see what we’re talking about:

Granted, Harden’s elbow wasn’t anywhere near as violent as the one World Peace hit him with. It’s also possible Harden’s cheap-shot was an accident, but considering these two clearly hate each other we kind of doubt it. And Harden did have this interesting Tweet about Karma earlier in the week.

You don't wanna meet Karma.

— James Harden (@JHarden13) May 15, 2012

So was it an accident? We’ll leave you make the call.

Anybody else see James Hardens Inadvertent elbow on World Peace? I do beleive it was accidental, but Harden was happy he did it anyway!

— Lyndon Baty (@LyndonBaty5) May 17, 2012

Harden catching Artest with an elbow last night is poetic justice. #LovedIt

— Ryan (@RyanJHTurvey) May 17, 2012

So satisfying watching Harden elbow Artest (refuse to call him MWP). Karma is a bitch

— Chris Block (@blockenspiel) May 17, 2012

I loved James Harden's "accidential" elbow to Ron Artest's face. That guy is a POS. Ohh and they got the win too. Go OKC Thunder.

— Radames Mateo Jr. (@The_RadMan) May 17, 2012

Harden too smooth for that subtle "inadvertent" karma elbow on Artest

— Damiete (@DamiDC) May 17, 2012

Ron Artesticular cancer. He only has one ball and i think Harden took the other away with that sneaky elbow back :O

— Cameron Webster (@CamerontheWebst) May 17, 2012

I'm proud of Harden for that slick ass elbow to Metta face w/o getting caught!

— ☆ J A S M I N E ☆ (@JazzieTeeez) May 17, 2012

Harden may want to be careful when the Lakers and Thunder meet again on Friday night. World Peace awaits!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/17/an-elbow-for-an-elbow-james-harden-gets-revenge-on-metta-world-peace/

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