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It Looks Like A Normal Clock Tower. Then You Go Inside And It Blows Your Mind.

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Most people grow up dreaming of their perfect apartment or house that they will move into when they are older. Sometimes it has a pool, maybe a big backyard. We guarantee you, though, most children aren’t dreaming of converting an old clock tower into a snazzy penthouse that’ll make their friends and family drool. Well, they SHOULD be.

From the outside, it looks just like a normal clock tower…

But the inside makes our blood boil with jealousy. Look at that view!

Just LOOK at it.

Plus, if you lived here, you could make clock puns all day.

“Hey, can you give me a … HAND?”

The clock tower apartment is located in Brooklyn and offers stunning views of the city.

There are three bedrooms, three full bathrooms and gorgeous views from almost every angle.

The giant clock face stands 14 feet tall and is surrounded by ceilings that are between 16 and 50 feet tall.

We suspect anyone who visits this apartment never gets the courage to leave.

If you have some (i.e., millions) of spare cash, you can actually buy this clock tower paradise for yourself. According to Curbed, the penthouse was originally listed for $25 million in 2009. Since then, the price was slashed down to a measly $18 million. Get your wallets out!


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