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‘Wandering hands Biden’ joins #ItsOnUs bandwagon because ‘No means no’

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He is sort of cartoonish, now that you mention it.

"No means no — in the classroom, in a car, on the campus, in a bedroom. No means no." -VP Biden on sexual violence #ItsOnUs

— Vice President Biden (@VP) September 22, 2014

With Joe Biden jumping on the latest hashtag campaign to paint all men as potential rapists, we thought a trip down memory lane might be in order.

Just this week Twitchy reported on Biden’s bumbling ‘Just a habit’: Katie Pavlich perfectly sums up Joe Biden’s praise for Bob Packwood 

You can't blame Biden for praising Packwood, it's just a habit. He's in the party that praises and glorifies Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 19, 2014

Then there’s all the photographic evidence…

Who said Joe Biden didn't like to be hands on? #tcot #grope pic.twitter.com/GcpROV0RAe

— Aaron Robinow (@aaronrobinow) December 16, 2013

He's all hands.. RT @bennyjohnson: What Going To Prom With Joe Biden Would Really Be Like http://t.co/VMYOyoiMo6 pic.twitter.com/s581FGwGMy

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) May 20, 2014

Daily Mail has same thought I have. Who decided to seat Marissa Mayer next to Joe "wandering hands" Biden? $YHOO pic.twitter.com/h52A6mGl5v

— Nick (@9Joe9) December 18, 2013

#ThingsMoreRealThanClimateChange Joe Biden's wandering hands. #creep pic.twitter.com/NDv0jm1lov

— Daniel Snyder (@danmsnyder) April 5, 2014

#UncleJoe2016 RT @BostonJerry: This picture of Joe Biden will never not be funny. Those 2 biker dudes are so salted. pic.twitter.com/D0Ig1rWmrM

— Æ (@BigBroJamal) July 15, 2014

Crazy old uncle Joe Biden feeling up a cop pic! pic.twitter.com/8FbUSesD7P

— les spagnoli (@LJSpagnoli) August 3, 2013

No means no, Joe.



White House unveils its plan to stop sexual assault with a hashtag 

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