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This 7 Year Old’s Letter – And What She Did – Will Melt Your Heart. Everyone Should Be This Way.

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7 year-old Helaina Morgan has a heart of gold – and we could learn a thing or two from her. When she learned from her mothre that a family in New York needed food stamps to eat, Helaina decided to help out.

“When I told [Helaina] that this family usually didn’t have extra money to buy ice cream, cookies or gummies, she actually gasped,” her mother said, “then asked me if we could bring them some food.”

Her mother Roberta said that’d be difficult, but decided to send the Fry family in New York gift cards to help with groceries. Helaina wanted to help, too, so she broke into her own piggy bank and sent along $10 as well as a short letter to the 3 year-old daughter, Essence.

Share her adorable story of kindness. Maybe it’ll inspire others to be as sweet.


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