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Wild Ponies Turn Up At A Popular Beach And Ruin The Party — This Is Too Good

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Families at Assateague State Park were in for a surprise when a group of wild ponies decided to crash their beach party.

Assateague Island is a remote barrier island that stretches into both Virginia and Maryland territories. The long, narrow strip is home to a wild horse population of over 300. These Chincoteague ponies have called the park home for centuries. They are said to be descendants of horses that arrived on the island sometime in the 1700s when a Spanish galleon crashed off the coast.

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They roam around freely, and as you can see below, they have no problem getting close to tourists. While the ponies in this video weren’t exactly violent with the crowd, they didn’t hesitate to trample over all of their things. (When Doritos are on the line, you do whatever you have to do.)

I’d love to have witnessed this in person. For more information about these adorable party crashers, check this out.

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