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Sure, This View Is Breathtaking. But It’s What’s On The Beach That’ll Leave You Speechless.

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There is no one way to define “art.” It can come in many shapes and sizes. Take Andrew van der Merwe’s art for example: he specializes in using nature and his own talents to create something truly wonderful. Andrew makes sand calligraphy using special tools. He draws delicate lines in the sand, using a technique that he has been developing for the past 8 years. The results are absolutely incredible.

He spends hours creating delicate sand art, knowing it’s only temporary.

Wind, water or people will erase what he created.

After carving the letters in the sand, he quickly photographs them.

The DSLR he uses to take the photos is a Nikon D700.

Somehow, he manages to leave no footprints while he works.

The forms and “letters” he uses were originally based on African writing systems. But, he likes to experiment with the shapes.

Andrew has had 20 years of experience as a calligrapher, but he finds challenges with his work every day.

(H/T My Modern Met) You can see more of his stunning calligraphy on his online portfolio. Andrew has merged multiple art forms, creating something precious, temporary and beautiful. Andrew, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, goes by the title “the world’s first beach calligrapher.” Imagine getting married on the beach and having these delicate forms as your backdrop. Beautiful. Share his art and expression with others.

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