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Smackdown: Katie Pavlich gives Mo Elleithee ‘honest conversation’ on guns


For months, liberals have insisted they don’t want to ban guns or take away anyone’s firearms; they just want to have a “conversation” on guns and gun violence. “Pass this gun control law” has been the bulk of the Democrats’ side of the conversation, with the “proper” Republican response being, “Of course.”

Rep. Jim Moran tried to have a one-sided conversation last night but was thwarted by women who insisted on standing up for their Second Amendment rights. Tonight, Democratic strategist Mo Elleithee tried to keep the “conversation” going on “Hannity,” but it turns out he didn’t have much to say. Townhall’s Katie Pavlich, on the other hand, had plenty on her mind.

I love it!!!@katiepavlich “violence against women is irrelevant to this conversation?” @seanhannity

— Timothy O’Donnell (@TimothyODonnel2) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich Way To Go slamming Rep Moran for not answering the question about #DisarmingWomen #NoBackbone

— CriesForLiberty (@CriesForLiberty) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich Great points on women’s 2d Amendment rights on @seanhannity.”I have enough bullets” said no defensive or sport shooter ever.

— Russ Yocum (@DrRussYocum) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich great job on @seanhannity! Yes, 30 round magazines are standard, and no gunfight survivoir ever complained about too much ammo

— Jonathan Grim (@Reaper63Grim1) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich GREAT JOB on Hannity. Mo got called out on his ridiculous double standard! Nice work

— Michael Payne (@Fogis1961) March 13, 2013

@seanhannity @katiepavlichAnd Mo goes down! awesomeness

— Wacko T-Bird (@pcanarchist) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich I think that Lib guy soiled his underwear,”I’m glad we’re having this conversation” has scaredycat written all over it. #losr

— Bob P. (@HuskersBob) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich Brilliant job tonight on Hannity!Always refreshing when logic gives the opposition nowhere to hide!Well done, Katie!

— travis p. bonfigli (@travispbonfigli) March 13, 2013

Future AZ Senator @katiepavlich was wonderful on @seanhannity ! As usual. #guncontrol #fastandfurious

— Dennis Peterson (@Dennis_Peterson) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich Damn girl, tonight, on Hannity you kicked that guy in the nuts. How stupid he was to trivialize your point on women’s rights.

— Citizens Rights (@GPorter829) March 13, 2013

@katiepavlich Great job, Katie! Nice point on Moran’s son! @seanhannity

— Greg (@CajunConservatv) March 13, 2013

Clearly this family enjoys victimizing. He victimizes by proxy through his son, and via his legislation. @katiepavlich @jim_moran

— Richard (@richardhkiam) March 13, 2013

So, who still thinks Elleithee has anything to say to Pavlich about defending herself?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/12/smackdown-katie-pavlich-gives-mo-elleithee-honest-conversation-on-guns-violence-against-women/

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