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This Guy Was Just Driving Down The Highway When He Heard A Weird Noise…And Saw This

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Everyone gets a little road rage every now and then, but this truck driver in Malaysia just took things to a whole new level.

A motorcyclist with a dashcam was traveling down the highway a short distance behind the truck when he heard a strange noise. He sped up a bit and saw a small blue car stuck to the truck’s front bumper. The driver of the car was desperately beeping the horn, but the truck driver either didn’t notice or was simply in a blind rage.

Here is the motorcyclist’s shocking footage. Watch as the truck pushes the helpless car down the highway.

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As of this writing, it’s unknown if anyone was hurt. One thing is for sure, though — that truck driver has some explaining to do!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/dashcam-road-rage/

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