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33 Times That Shopping Online Went Badly In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

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Being unable to try something before you buy it is risky.

That’s why shopping online can be a gauntlet of guesses and bets. Most of the time, the purchases work out in the consumer’s favor. There are times, though, when things go terribly (and hilariously) wrong.

These had us in stitches.

1. Apparently, it was supposed to fit a “large breed.”

2. Close, but no cigar.

3. Nope, that’s not a normal costume. Not at all.

(Hint: it’s not appropriate for children.)

4. He thought he bought an adult tent for a festival. He was wrong.

5. Checking dimensions is always a good idea.

6. This PJ set looked cute…until she looked closer.

7. All she wanted to do was surprise her mom for Mother’s Day.

8. At least the cat seemed to like this tiny backpack.

9. Thanks, typo. “Blind” and “blonde” are pretty close together, though.

10. So, at least they tried.

11. No one’s legs are that long. NO ONE.

12. The furniture looks great…but it’s a little on the small size.

13. At least the cat looks great in it!

14. Stuffed animals are terrifying without the “stuffed” part.

15. “Ordered a new cutting board that collected bread crumbs. This is what came.”

At least it’s cute!

16. Buying clothes online can be tricky…especially if you’re using a shady site.

17. He bought this phone eBay. NEVER AGAIN.

18. I can SEE how it was supposed to look…

19. Sure, they’re tiny, but they ARE real copper.

20. Sure, the PJs were knockoffs, but they were still HILARIOUS.

21. Sure, it’s not a full-sized rug, but it makes a great bookmark!

22. Who could possibly fit in something like this?

23. These lawn chairs are so cute! (But they are a little on the small side.)

24. Sure, the humans can’t use the rug…but the dog can!

25. Even if these costume boots are too small, they’re still pretty amazing.

26. At least the ladle wasn’t too small?

27. She must’ve been the belle of the ball.

28. He paid good money for…a paper printout.

29. Apparently, “boys” means “super, super small.”

30. She thought she ordered cheap leggings for herself. She was wrong.

31. It doesn’t look like the picture, but it IS hilarious.

32. They couldn’t send the flowers ordered, so they did their best.

33. The replacement is actually pretty legit.

(via Bored Panda)

I guess that’s why the phrase “buyer beware” exists.

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