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Neighbors Were Shocked When They Found An Actual Dungeon Beneath Their Building

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Police in Philadelphia thought they had seen it all…until they came across a case so messed up that they could only describe it as “pure evil.”

Back in 2015, Linda Weston was named as the ringleader of a horrific crime conspiracy in which four mentally disabled people were found locked in a basement dungeon, one of whom had been kept captive for a decade. As police began uncovering more and more of the heinous details, they realized the case was bigger than they thought, stretching to four states and potentially 50 victims.

A landlord in Philadelphia heard odd sounds in the night underneath the building and decided to investigate. Shining a light into a dungeonesque basement, he discovered four people chained up, clearly being held against their will.

The victims of Linda Weston were mentally handicapped individuals. They had been beaten, deprived of food, and kept in her building’s boiler room for years. One victim, Tamara Breeden, had been held hostage for ten years. She testified that Weston had even forced her to drink her own urine.

Police also found that Weston had kidnapped her niece. When the 19-year-old was found in an upstairs closet, she had several open wounds, burn marks, and fractured bones that had healed incorrectly.

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It’s believed that Weston forced the prisoners to have sex with each other. Two children were also found beneath the building, a two-year-old and a five-year-old. The two-year-old was so malnourished that it appeared to be a six-month-old.

It seems this kind of horrific abuse was a pattern for Weston. Her siblings came forward to say they had been tortured by her in the past. They said she would abuse them both sexually and physically.

Weston and four others were arrested and charged with kidnapping and theft of government funds — they were apparently stealing the victims’ Social Security benefits. There’s evidence that the group committed similar crimes in Texas, Virginia, and Florida, too. Police say Weston stole the identifying papers of at least 50 other people.

(via ABC News)

The case brought several other charges against Weston, including the murder of a person Weston had been living with in 2008. She pled guilty to 196 federal counts, including murder, kidnapping, sex trafficking, forced labor, and benefits fraud. Thankfully, the woman is serving life plus 80 years in prison.

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