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You Touch These Surprisingly Dirty Things Every Single Day.

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Most of us seek to live the healthiest lives possible. In order to avoid germs, we take special care of some items in our homes, but there are some spots we miss. In fact, most of these downright disgusting items are things you touch every day but may never think to actually clean.

You may want to go wash these items right away, lest you come into contact with the dreaded germs.

1.) Headphones

Headphones have been known to build up excess bacteria from sweat and ear wax.

2.) Kitchen Sponges

You can find remnants of E.Coli, Salmonella, and other food born illnesses in your kitchen sponges.

3.) Water Bottles

Coliform Bacteria is a common resident of water bottles if they are not properly cleaned.

4.) Towels

Dead skin cells that can cause staph infections have been known to linger on towels after you dry off.

5.) Kitchen Handles

Kitchen handles are breeding grounds for bacteria. If you aren’t washing your hands after cooking, you are spreading the germs everywhere you touch.

6.) Toothbrushes

Ready for this? Every time you flush the toilet, bacteria is sprayed upwards landing on whatever it can cling to. Better keep your toothbrush far far away from your toilet bowl.

7.) Yoga Mats

If you are constantly sweating on your yoga mat then you are at risk of getting ringworm and staph infections.

8.) Laundry

Every time you handle dirty laundry you are dealing with bacteria. Even transferring your laundry from washer to dryer presents the risk of handling E.Coli.

9.) Shopping Carts

Saliva, bacteria, and even fecal matter have been found on shopping cart handles. Ugh.

10.) Bath Mats

Bath mats are known as the most contaminated place in your bathroom beside the toilet bowl. The dampness of the bath mat can house mold and other bacteria.

11.) Restaurant Menus

Menus get used and reused all day at restaurants without a wash. Hundreds of people have their grimy mitts on menus, so you better make sure you don’t put that thing on your fork.

12.) Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are home to mold, yeasts, and other bacteria if you don’t wash them after you cut.

13.) Pillows

That thing you lay on all night is FULL of gross bacteria. From dead skin cells, drool, and even potentially bugs (lice).

14.) Phones

I can’t live without my phone! Well you should know that 1 in 6 phones has fecal matter on them. I think you can miss that text now.


Face it: the things you touch most often are basically the dirtiest. However, now you know where the germs live, you can EVICT THEM. Get some disinfectant wipes and rid your home of at least some of that pesky bacteria. Share this if you know someone who is a germaphobe or lives in filth. 


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