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A Cook At An Upscale Restaurant Just Uploaded These Photos. At First, I Was Horrified…Then Hungry.

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A chef that works at Casbah Mediterranean kitchen and wine bar located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wanted to give people a candid look into what really goes on in a restaurant’s kitchen. These chefs work much harder, and for longer hours, to make the delicious food we eat than I ever imagined. So the next time you sit down to eat a big, juicy, steak, know that it was someone’s passion that made it.

This guy has been working in kitchens his entire life.

Sometimes, it’s fun and games.

But he wanted to show people just how many hours people put into making delicious food for customers. (And 16 hours could be considered a short day.)

Most of those hours clocked are spent on his feet.

Sometimes, there are cuts.

Lots of times, there are burns.

And there is always planning. People in the kitchen plan their days.

They also plan their food prep.

They even seem to plan for planning.

Every piece of their inventory is always tracked as well.

But if you think this seems like a lot of work without reward, these chefs also get to play with new fangled kitchen toys like immersion circulators and CryoVac machines.

And they always find a way to enjoy their job, even if it’s simple.

Plus, they get to use some of the best ingredients from the sea.

(Lots from the sea.)

Not only that, but they get to taste every dish they create. Their goal is to make sure the experience is perfect, not over-seasoned or under. And if it is, they know it’s their fault.

They strive to make the food taste good.

And also to use fresh and local ingredients.

Not to mention make it look pretty.

At the end of the day, they love their jobs and they do everything for their customers.

And food. Don’t forget the food.

I have a new appreciation for all of the work chefs do… and how hungry I am now.

Source: Reddit

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