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This is religion in a nut shell

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19 responses to “This is religion in a nut shell”

  1. MidnyteStar says:

    Puns. I like puns.

  2. KingBumi says:


  3. tjgg says:

    Calm down, Dad

  4. Moosecock says:

    The more you know star is a nice touch

  5. sarajay says:


  6. ridemus says:

    Daaaaaddddd….It’s for youuuuuu!!!

  7. dsdanger says:

    it looks like it’s made of chocolate.

  8. BuffaloMan96 says:

    I like puns, too.

  9. DonPoldoRod says:

    Needs more wolowolowolo

  10. platy3point1415 says:

    Plot twist: star is missile fired from Ukraine

  11. Neeeecole says:

    You must be a religious nut.

  12. goatsongoats says:

    Heeeey me too! Let’s start a club!

  13. dave13dave13 says:


  14. ByThePowerOfSCIENCE says:

    Find the other half and you’ve got a nice nut case.

  15. Carrow says:

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

  16. beeratius says:

    I like your hand(s)

  17. notirrelevant says:

    *plays on words

  18. grimwyrd says:

    In a nutshell Coral!

  19. uzerok says:

    Christian religion*

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