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Lady parts engage in feminist love fest, conservatives set the record straight


Liberal feminists are patting each other on the back for persevering despite being forced to live in an oppressive patriarchal society:

I cannot believe the number of women I see getting viciously harassed on Twitter because they take a stand against violence.

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) February 11, 2013

Not only are their (our) harassers shameless nightmares, they only serve to PROVE THE FUCKING POINT.

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) February 11, 2013

And of course when I say I can’t believe it HA HA I CAN TOTALLY BELIEVE IT. I am just contemptuous beyond eloquence.

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) February 11, 2013

I mean, when you see someone saying “rape is wrong” or “gun violence is terrible” and your first instinct is to harass and silence them…

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) February 11, 2013

…then your instincts are garbage and you are an asshole.

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) February 11, 2013

Tell one public feminist/womanist thank you today. Seriously. Just tell them thanks for navigating that shit. #notme #tellsomeoneelse

— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) February 11, 2013

Ask and you shall receive, Melissa. #TellAFeministThankYou is now trending nationally:

And producing gems like these:

You explained how what I thought ‘normal’ was socially constructed and showed me a less oppressive world is possible. #TellAFeministThankYou

— Malte (@history_infamy) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou to every woman and man unafraid to call themselves one.

— Mary Beth Williams (@embeedub) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou 2 my mom for replacing “farmer & his wife” with “farmers” in books when I was a kid bc “she works on the farm too.”

— Rebecca Eisenberg (@ryeisenberg) February 12, 2013

.@sandrafluke Thank you for your bravery! And for standing up to gasbags like Rush Limbaugh! #TellAFeministThankYou

— Highly scatological (@RaisingOneBrow) February 12, 2013

Barf. Sorry, but how has canonizing women like Sandra Fluke furthered women’s cause? Since when did promoting a culture of lady parts and government dependency warrant gratitude? The answer is never, and conservatives are injecting much-needed doses of reality into the feminist faux narrative:

#TellAFeministThankYou for making free birth control a bigger priority than having a job.

— Chelsea (@chelseagrunwald) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for Margaret Sanger, racist and eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood. #IStand4Life

— April Casey (@xAprilCasey) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYouFor blind allegiance to a party that supports policies that limit opportunity at every turn.

— Amy (@CAAmyO) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for supporting Planned Parenthood…B/c nothing says “we support women” like helping sexual abusers hide their deeds.

— Marybeth(@MBGlenn) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for continually proving their hypocrisy by demanding to be treated equal to men while asking for exceptions.

— HBIC (@DreadfulPenny81) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for making their hypocrisy loud and clear. They cry “oppression” here in America and ignore women in Middle East.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for prioritizing free crap from the government over individual liberty and personal responsibility.

— Sunny (@sunnyright) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou if you think marriage is oppressive but government sugar daddy welfare programs liberate you.

— Modern Comments (@moderncomments) February 12, 2013

Thanks, @codepink, for embarrassing yourselves by dressing up as vaginas. I now understand modern feminism. #TellAFeministThankYou

— Katie Johnson (@kjon) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for ordering the government stay out of their bedrooms while simultaneously demanding free birth control & abortions.

— #RepublicanGirlProbs (@RepubGrlProbs) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for trying to convince girls they cannot make it on their own & must look to the government to meet their every need.

— Stevie J. West (@StevieJWest) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for teaching young women that birth control & abortions on demand are more important than self respect. #IStand4Life

— April Casey (@xAprilCasey) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou For teaching us that objectification & wearing vulgar costumes is empowerment & respecting life is oppressive. #tcot

— Marybeth(@MBGlenn) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankyou for making men in the workplace afraid to be kind or friendly.

— Kelly (@flyoverangel) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for demonizing men, rather than celebrating women. You don’t need to bring someone else down in order to be equal.

— Debbie M. (@mosesmosesmoses) February 12, 2013

#TellAFeministThankYou for making it clear lady parts are way more important than lady brains

— GeoKat (@geo_love1) February 12, 2013

That is what radical feminism hath wrought — and it’s nothing to celebrate.

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