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If You Live Near These Cities, You Should Move Out Immediately.

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Lots of people move to the big city to jump-start their lives and achieve their dreams. Upon living there for a while, though, they may fear that something is not quite right. Getting a job is hard, the weather sucks, and walking home at night isn’t safe… the city isn’t what they thought it was.

If you feel that way, it’s not in your head. Your city may just be one of the worst on Earth, so get out:

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is consistently rated as one of the most unhappy places to live in the US. With high unemployment rates, businesses closing, and some of the harshest winters in America, it’s no wonder that the Queen City is on this list.

Miami, FL

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Most residents of Miami point to the city’s high violent crime rate, long commutes, and high foreclosure rate as the reason they would rather be living away from the heat.

Stockton, CA

Stockton is a notorious beacon for violent crime. The high unemployment rate is also one of the reasons that the residents have claimed it to be one of the most miserable cities to live in.

Cleveland, OH

Not only are the sports teams unlucky, but the weather and economy are terrible, too. Hopefully the return of Lebron James can solve the city’s high crime rates, high rates of homelessness, and brutal winters. …But I doubt it.

Memphis, TN

When you think of Memphis, TN you usually think of some good down home cooking and great music. What you probably don’t know about Memphis is that it boasts the nation’s 2nd highest violent crime rate. Yikes.

Detroit, MI

Someone please save Detroit! This city has endured one of the worst collapses in US history to go with the lowest family median income, a high crime, high divorce rates, high unemployment rates, and the most families living below the poverty line.

Chicago, IL

The Windy City is in a heap of trouble. After taking the crown for the most violent crimes in the nation, Chicago has topped it off with the country’s highest sales tax and one of the worst commutes. Not to mention the winters are downright oppressive.


Pack your bags folks. It’s time to move out of those places. You deserve better. Even with all of their history and traditions, some cities just can’t get it together.

Hopefully it’ll turn around for them, but you don’t have to be there for it. Share this post if you hate where you live and want to get out.

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