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‘Malarkey:’ Biden (and social media) were full of it

Obama/Biden water-carriers contracted Tingly Leg Syndrome tonight when the smirking vice president dropped one of his favorite words on GOP opponent Paul Ryan. When he caught a breath from sighing and laughing inappropriately, Biden dismissed Paul Ryan’s foreign policy criticism as “malarkey.”

Biden Laughs at Ryan’s ‘Malarkey’ on Foreign Policy. Watch Again: abcn.ws/WYfOAY #debates

— ABC News (@ABC) October 12, 2012

Dems got the hashtag trending and viewers took to Google:

Obama Campaign Buys Ads for ‘Malarkey’ Hashtag on Twitter on.mash.to/RkuRnL #malarkey

— Pete Cashmore (@mashable) October 12, 2012

Trending hashtags you couldn’t have predicted before debate : #malarkey #bunchofstuff

— Diane Sawyer (@DianeSawyer) October 12, 2012

Malarky, Pete! RT @peterhambycnn: Over the last hour, in the US, “malarkey” is the top trending debate-related Google search term

— Jeremiah Lorrig (@JLorrig) October 12, 2012

I like this word malarkey. Shenanigans is another one I’m quite fond of.

— Roslyn Wells (@RoslynWells) October 12, 2012

Sorry, I just do not accept the argument that there are truly “undecided” voters in this country.That’s a bunch of #Malarkey

— Jeff Berard (@jaberard) October 12, 2012

It was Biden, of course, not Ryan who spread the b.s about Benghazi.

“Malarkey,” indeed:

The President had a fundraiser the day after the Benghazi terror attack. That, Mr. Biden, is what’s “malarkey” #priorities

— Mike Hubbard (@SpeakerHubbard) October 12, 2012

Biden pulls out malarkey.And then blames Ryan for the State Department failure to secure Benghazi. #bidenfail #debates

— Jere Krischel (@jere_krischel) October 12, 2012

Juan Williams is almost as bad as Joe Biden in trying to defend Obama lies on Libya. One ignoramus defending another.#Malarkey #VPDebate

— Tony Phyrillas (@TonyPhyrillas) October 12, 2012

#malarkey is focusing on big bird and not the real issues.malarkey is their denial in Libya…malarkey is that odd #biden smirk. Go Romney

— Stephen Harris (@sph001) October 12, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/12/malarkey-biden-and-social-media-were-full-of-it/

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