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‘Herb Tarlek working again’: Matt Yglesias’ suit triggers snark-a-lanche

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http://twitter.com/#!/exjon/status/442815502474166272 The laying down of another marker has taken place, this time in a fashion sense. On Sunday, Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias launched Vox.com (sponsored by mega-corp profit monster G.E.), a “new way of delivering the news.” Yglesias, the site’s executive editor, caught Twitter’s eye with his fashion choice in the announcement video: http://twitter.com/#!/seanagnew/status/442814315096051712 […]


What I love about Twitter

http://twitter.com/#!/WizKhalllifa/status/188645076405207040 Twitter has multiple facets; some are good, and some are not so good. But what is the best aspect of the social networking giant? Tweeters give their opinions: #WhatILoveAboutTwitter Unlike Facebook, you can post every 3 mins without people thinking you're crazy ­čÖé — lil homie (@Dvillain_) April 7, 2012 https://twitter.com/#!/vbholler/status/188658528100167680 #whatiloveabouttwitter tweeting famous people […]


Politico reporter removed from Todd Akin coverage after defending comments

http://twitter.com/#!/KarolNYC/status/237676706536775680 Politico’s David Catanese has been removed from covering the Todd Akin story after posting a series of tweets hypothetically defending Akin “for argument’s sake.” Catanese’s tweets, covered by Twitchy last night, had some calling for his firing, but for now it appears that Catanese will remain, albeit not on the Akin story. Catanese says […]


Obama’s Twitter ‘photo of the day’ is just plain weird, demands captioning

http://twitter.com/#!/BarackObama/status/287638250468802560 Whoever is behind the @BarackObama “photo of the day” has a canny sense of timing. While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been hard to pin down over the last few months, she does make a featured appearance in today’s selected snap, which usually focuses (literally) on the narcissist in chief. So who do […]