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Top 20 things you must teach your son

http://twitter.com/#!/JoshWasHereLOL/status/190149848803192834 https://twitter.com/#!/oprahisadyke/status/190148485545328640 #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon How to learn to get back up when people want to push you back down — IG: theofficialkamm (@LloydACampbell) April 11, 2012 #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon to value everything he has. — Angela Powers (@ImAngelaPowers) April 11, 2012 #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon "swag" doesn't pay the bills. — Jamileth Aguilar. (@JamilethA_) April 11, 2012 #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon how to be […]


I Had Never Even Heard Of This Kind Of Farm Before Today. And Now I’m Utterly Disgusted.

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Throughout Asia, something is happening to innocent animals. There are farms that are sources of cruelty and animal abuse, all for the sake of harvesting a substance that can be used in medicine. Asian countries like China, North Korea, South Korea, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar all participate in bile collection from bears because of the demand […]


Bill Maher unimpressed by NFL tributes to Newtown victims

http://twitter.com/#!/billmaher/status/282247912388448256 As Twitchy reported, at least two football players — Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz — paid tribute to the victims of the Newtown, Conn., shooting massacre by writing their names on their cleats. Cruz also called the family of Jack Pinto, a 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim who was an […]


Amid sea of protesters, Texas House and Senate recess until July 9

http://twitter.com/#!/AmandaMarcotte/status/351812727733370881 Reconvened today for a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry, the Texas House and Senate gaveled in, briefly discussed timekeeping measures and then called for a recess until July 9, after the Independence Day holiday. Nothing much happened, but there was plenty of interest, as abortion advocates in orange shirts lined up to […]