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Did Harry Reid caucus for Bernie or Hillary in Nevada today? [photos]

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South Carolina has a primary today, and there’s also a caucus in Nevada where Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are polling neck-and-neck. Senator Harry Reid took part in the process: Reid’s shades don’t get much of a break these days, even indoors. Did Reid support Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton? Neither: We’re guessing he probably […]


In case you missed it: Anti-American PSY bombs in Super Bowl pistachios ad

http://twitter.com/#!/RivalSummers/status/298259629257924609 We’re happy to report that anti-American Korean rapper PSY’s 15 minutes are just about up. And not a second too soon. Psy for Pistachios was our low point as a planet so far. — Thomas Lennon (@thomaslennon) February 4, 2013 Pistachios, we love you, but that PSY ad is one of the craziest/worst things […]