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What Happened To This Plane During Winter Storm Jonas Would Freak Anyone Out

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For those of us who are afraid of flying, takeoff and landing are the worst parts of the journey. That’s why people were freaking out when this plane flying into Dublin was forced to land…and then immediately take off again due to the howling winds of Winter Storm Jonas. If I were on this plane, […]


Texas Senate passes Gosnell-inspired abortion restrictions

http://twitter.com/#!/CNNExpress/status/355914366224310273 The bill placing limits on abortions after 20 weeks and imposing tougher safety standards on abortion clinics in Texas passed late Friday night 19-11 and now heads to Gov. Rick Perry for his signature. http://twitter.com/#!/SenTedCruz/status/355914393751519234 The capital had been placed on lockdown about an hour earlier as troopers began removing protesters who smeared themselves […]


These Sounds From Ancient Stars Are Pretty Freaky

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In space, no one can hear you scream because it’s a vacuum, and sound — as we know it here on Earth — can’t travel through nothing. However, that doesn’t mean there are no other sounds. In fact there’s a whole field dedicated to researching the hidden sounds of the universe. It’s called asteroseismology. Asteroseismologists […]


Dim bulb Touré calls Michele Bachmann ‘one of the dimmest bulbs in Congress’

http://twitter.com/#!/Toure/status/339707950476177409 Oh, Touré . How many times do we have to write this post? Rep. Michele Bachmann has announced she will not run for re-election. Once again, MSNBC’s Touré is sneering at her intelligence, calling her “one of the dimmest bulbs in Congress.” Hilarious! It’s almost as if he enjoys being reminded of his not-so-bright moments. And […]