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A 1 Year Old Child Fell To What Should’ve Been Certain Death. But Watch THIS…OMG.

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Our society focuses on fictional superheroes because we’re drawn to the seemingly impossible. Lines of people will wait to see a new Ironman or Captain America movie… but probably don’t give a second’s thought to the real heroes out there. There are thousands of men and woman that save the lives of others, but no […]


Oliver Willis: Libs ‘don’t question legitimacy’ of unfavorable court rulings

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http://twitter.com/#!/CChappell1967/status/482175591085785088 Media Matters’ Oliver Willis wanted to take the opportunity presented by today’s Supreme Court decisions that went against the hopes of the Left to remind everyone about something: http://twitter.com/#!/owillis/status/482175122116444160 Believe it or not, Willis had a tough time selling that claim: http://twitter.com/#!/owillis/status/482175651609587712 When? A few reminders were offered to help jar Willis’ memory: http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/482175740298141696 […]


Prosecutor to announce Zimmerman charges; Twitter vigilantes gloat over ‘dead man walking’

http://twitter.com/#!/muthaphuckinjon/status/190079211623563264 With this afternoon’s news that George Zimmerman will likely be charged, many on Twitter predicted and/or celebrated the possibility that someone will physically harm Zimmerman while he is in prison: Zimmerman is gonna get killed in jail. — Chocolate Bull (@EyesDollarSigns) April 11, 2012 Zimmerman gon get his ass beat by da blacks in […]